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Summary of Episode – Understanding Real Estate Investement Management Platforms


Jamie Stadtmauer from Agora discusses why real estate companies need an investor portal to manage their investors and investments. He explains that the portal helps companies keep track of every aspect of investor relations and investor management. Having an investor portal allows companies to communicate more effectively with their investors.



Jamie explained that most real estate companies use the help of outside investors, which can be managed at the beginning using a spreadsheet or individual emails. However, eventually the amount of investors gets excessive and they all have different deals, which makes it difficult to keep track of everything. The investor should have one place to go where they can easily find information about their investment. Transparency is good for both sides. Jamie then gave an example of how to create an opportunity, advertise the opportunity, and collect interest using Agora.



Agora’s system enables syndicators to easily share new investment opportunities with existing investors, who can then review all the relevant information and make a commitment to invest if they’re interested. For potential new investors, there is a deal page on the back end of the system where syndicators can share information about the opportunity while still staying compliant with SEC rules.



The conversation discusses how an investor can become involved in a deal through the gora platform. The investor first signs up for the company dashboard side, where they provide their information. The syndicator then reviews the investor to see if they are accredited or not. If the investor is interested in the deal, they are then promoted to an actual process. The gora platform is only one aspect of the process, and the responsibility of the firm sponsoring the deal to begin with.




0:00:00   Prop Tech Today: Jamie Stadtmauer from Agora on Investor Portals


0:02:12   The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Investment Software


0:04:02   Agora’s Deal Page Feature


0:07:20   The Different Types of Investors in the Real Estate Space


0:08:55   The Agora Team Discusses How Their Services Facilitate Deal Communication and Reporting


0:10:44   The Differentiating Factors of Agora’s Investor Portal


0:13:04   Agora’s Jamie Campbell on the company’s technology and customer service


0:15:30   The Importance of Education in Disseminating Information about Investor Portals


0:16:26   The Importance of Social Media in Real Estate Marketing


0:20:10   The Importance of Understanding the Customer’s Needs in the Property Management Industry


0:21:45   Jamie Smith of Agora Real on the Importance of Understanding Your Client’s Pain Points




And so it puts me in a unique position to understand the value of Agora, because I am one of them. I view myself as one of them, and I understand their needs.


I get to work for a technology company that is very involved in real estate. So it’s kind of like the marriage of my two worlds. In college, I actually majored in MIS Management Information Systems.


And it’s not only the information, it’s the networking. Also in terms of getting the word out there, what the company is and what we do. It’s also in terms of your personal relationships with people that you’re going to be speaking to.


LinkedIn has been invaluable in terms of first of all, getting information, but also disseminating information. All you need to do is post and make a video or whatever it may be and you can get information out there.


Also we are a system that can be for any type of real estate investor. It could be someone who has three buildings and it’s only one person in his basement and he needs a lot of help because he’s doing everything on his own and he also wants to present a professional investor portal.

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