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Welcome to the ProTech Today Podcast! Here, we will meet Industry Leaders in the Property Technology and Real Estate Industry. Do not miss any of our episodes to know what is trending now. In today’s episode, I want to introduce you to Ned Hill. He is the founder and CEO of Position Imaging (PI), a pioneer in the field of advanced tracking technologies.


Ned graduated from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a B.S. in Economics and is the inventor or co-inventor of over 50 patents/patent applications. He has been the guest speaker at multiple industry conferences including CES, Live Free and Start, and at MIT.


Under Ned’s leadership, PI developed iPickup; an industry leading AI-based tracking platform for optimizing eCommerce fulfillment. In addition to providing strategic vision for the company, Ned has also raised over $40 million in funding, driven technology, product, and application development, and created a global partner ecosystem including industry leading couriers, hardware and software companies, and service providers. 


Let’s dive into new perspectives on technology!


[00:01 – 02:59] Opening Segment 


  • I introduce our guest Ned Hill.
  • Ned talks about his  background
    • What inspired him to start the company.
    • Tracking platform
    • Logistics
    • E.g. Multifamily Residential Package Management


[03:00 – 11:49] Revolutionizing Package Deliveries In Commercial Real Estate


  • Position imaging.
  • Mind blowing technology for tracking.
  • Problems and challenges technology saw for the residents and buildings.
    • Staff.
    • Resident experience.
    • Carrier complaints.
  • Advantages of Smart Package Room.
  • Who the ideal client would be.
  • Ned explains how to outfit a building with the infrastructure and technology.
    • Enhanced recovery protocols can be used for everyone 
  • How the company deals with security.
  • Expectations of the company for 2022.
    • Revolutionize baggage industry in the airline industry.

[11:50 – 15:36] Closing Segment


  • Connect with Position Imagining
    • Links below 
  • How to connect with Ned Hill
    • Links below 
  • Rapid fire question
  • Final words 


 Tweetable Quotes:



  • “We created this tracking platform with the goal of being able to track not just packages but any product, person, or part of the process.” – Ned Hill
  • “We are here to make that universe, and let’s go for it. I think we’ve got the technical shops, and this platform that we’ve created to actually make it happen” – Nell Hill 



Resources Mentioned: 





Want to connect with Ned Hill? You can find him on LinkedIn and YouTube. Don’t forget to visit his website to learn more about innovative tracking technologies!


Let’s Connect! You can connect with me, Jeff Hoch on LinkedIn to look into Smart Building and Smart Apartment Technologies.


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