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The Multifamily Ai Podcast is for Multifamily Business leaders who want to unlock value inside their organization so they can create better experiences and drive profitability inside their company.  

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Patrick Antrim, leveraging 25 years of experience in Multifamily real estate, and the last 10 years leading a Multifamily Executive Level Membership Organization founded AI technology companies to integrate technology in multifamily operations.

His platform solves industry challenges like manual task reliance, integrations, and operational inefficiencies, meeting the rising demand for automation. It's backed by significant industry research and a strong team.

For 15 years, Patrick led national real estate portfolios, blending financial acumen with real estate expertise to scale multifamily operations and drive investor returns. After reaching a pinnacle of success, he launched his own brand in 2014, a media company that connects multifamily owners, operators, and technology partners through summits, a podcast network, newsletters, and a broadcast studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

As Chair of the Multifamily Innovation® Council, Patrick leverages his unique position to understand the Multifamily Industry challenges and opportunities. His philosophy, "If you want a great Multifamily Investment, you need a great Multifamily Businesses that oversees it," underscores his belief in technology as a leverage point for investors. This insight, coupled with national research and industry feedback, inspired him to develop a solution tailored for the multifamily industry.

Now, with a dedicated team and cutting-edge technology, Patrick's vision has materialized into an AI product ready to transform the multifamily landscape.

His mission is to empower multifamily companies by building robust internal systems that significantly enhance their operational efficiency and business process management.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona his tech-driven multifamily platform offers AI and automation software and services to enhance operational efficiency and profitability for Multifamily Investors and Operators. 

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Insights into AI-Driven Strategies for Multifamily Success

Discover how AI and innovation are driving critical transformations in the multifamily industry and the strategies every executive needs to implement now. In this episode, Patrick Antrim introduces Lauren Stinson, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Media for Multifamily Leadership. Patrick an...

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Ep #971 - The Importance & Power of Positive Self-Talk - Own Your Power Success Tip

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Great Real Estate Mind, Not Much Practical Advice

I’ve read Ken’s book and listened to a lot of his episodes and lately it seems the focus is on how bad the economy is, how dire the market is, and that’s about it. Instead of just discussing our poor economy, it would be great to have more episodes where tips on how to thrive despite the poor economy are given.

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Awesome Podcast!!!

Love this podcast! Great information, with thorough research and data. Keep up the good work!

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Favorite Podcast To Listen to While going to work

The Multifamily Tech Gurus podcast is an absolute game-changer, and I owe my newfound enthusiasm for my morning commute entirely to Kerry Kirby and Jimmy Lancaster. These two industry titans bring a level of expertise to the proptech world that is truly unmatched. Kerry Kirby's visionary insights into the multifamily ...

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