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Are you familiar with the micro living term? This concept can be incorporated to build a community and a new way of living for the future. This week’s guest, Zain Mahmood, will go deeper into what micro living means and why it is important to create sustainable places based on human connections. He also breaks down the elements that are key to making a positive social impact in the communities.

Zain is the Co-Founder and COO of Casata, the first developer of modern, artsy, micro, single-family rental communities, committed to the ethos of environmental sustainability using contemporary manufacturing and home-automation technology. Zain has an extensive record of growth leadership across multiple industries, orchestrating business turnaround and re-launch, developing dynamic A Teams, acquiring and integrating companies, and subsequently generating double-digit, profitable growth. 

Tune in and learn how to take micro living to the next level!

[00:01 – 05:02] Opening Segment 

  • Zain introduces Casata 
    • An idea to give people a taste of independent living
    • A micro single families rental community
    • How was to launch their first community in Austin, Texas
  • Zain’s interest in micro living and modular construction

[05:03 – 18:59] Taking Micro Living To The Next Level

  • Having a social consciousness in the housing product is vital
    • Casata ethos is based on micro, green, and living
    • The community alchemist and campus alchemist concept
  • Advantages of working with micro living units
    • It’s efficient, less costly, and speedy
  • Zain shares Casata’s expectations for coming projects
  • How  Casata incorporate technology into their properties
    • Integrate 16 different technologies into one platform 
  • Why it is essential to have a standardized technology, design, and operations

[19:00 –23:26] Closing Segment

Want to connect with Zain Mahmood? You can find him on LinkedIn. Go and visit Casata; independent homes people can call their own, nestled within fun, vibrant communities centered around human connections, nature, and a modern lifestyle!

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 Tweetable Quotes:

“Young generations are looking much more for experiences than gathering things.” – Zain Mahmood

“We believe that we have been building  a new way of living for the future.” – Zain Mahmood

“Every Casata unit is designed with purpose, where energy and water conservation is a way of life” – Zain Mahmood

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