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Let’s welcome our today’s guest, Mike Wolber! He is the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Rent Dynamics, leading the Go-To-Market teams of Sales, Account Management, and Marketing. Mike is the founder and creator of the Modern Multifamily Podcast, a board member of the Silicon Slopes Northern Utah Chapter, and a technology and multifamily enthusiast. He is passionate about technology, business process, relationship building, and sales. We have a deep conversation about what Rent Dynamics does, how the company adds value to residents along with properties, and why it is important to have a sustainable and social approach in the industry.

Let’s jump into the resident journey through technology! 

[00:01 – 02:39] Opening Segment 

  • Mike introduces Rent Dynamics
    • A tech company serving the multifamily industry
    • Help and expand the Go-To-Market 
    • Having products and valuable solutions that positively impact the residence experience
    • The resident journey, marketing, and leasing retention

[02:40 – 11:20] Improving The Resident Journey Through Technology 

  • Problems that Rent Dynamics solve
    • Marketing funnel: Get the attention of seekers and prospective residents
    • Being staffing
  • Mike shares how the contact center works and enhance the lease process
    • Being flexible and adaptable
    • A 24/7 staffed: Overflow and leasing calls
  • Mike explains the advantages of Rent Dynamics
    • Focus on delighting customers with good integration
    • A technically savvy team
  • How Rent Dynamic provides value once a person becomes resident
    • A compelling reason for residents to stay longer
    • Create value for both the resident and the property
    • Help residents to either establish or improve their credit score
    • Have a socially responsible initiative

[11:21 – 17:50] Creating Solutions for Residents and Properties

  •  Rent Dynamic’s road map around acquisitions and mergers
    • Capital efficient: Keep the balance sheet in order
    • Not necessarily be the acquired, but also be the acquirer
  • The Advantage Program in Utah
  • What Mike enjoys about Proptech 
    • The industry multifamily is aligned to modernize the industry and develop solutions for the property and residents
    • Modern Multifamily Podcast
    • Focus on the sustainability and the social side of real estate

[21:13 –24:00] Closing Segment

  • The importance of creating value on social media
    • Grown LinkedIn by more than 500%in the last year
    • Engage and create content: perception of the industry
  • How to connect with Mike
    • Links below 
  • Final words 

 Tweetable Quotes:


  • “Being able to play nice with all of your vendors in one sandbox, it’s valuable for our customers and our technical patterns. And at the end of the day, we want to be part of moving the industry forward.” – Mike Wolber
  • “Leasing teams and marketing organizations are actually seeing an attraction to the community based on offering such a socially responsible initiative.” – Mike Wolber
  • “I found a ton of value in liking content, engaging in content, creating my own content. We’re creating a perception in the industry, that we’re friendly, that we know the industry, that we’re super smart, and all of those tangibles really create a good experience.” – Mike Wolber 


Resources Mentioned: 

Want to connect with Mike Wolber? You can find him on LinkedIn.  Go and visit Rent Dynamics. From attracting leads, helping you qualify and manage prospects, to increasing renter retention!

Let’s Connect! You can connect with me, Jeff Hoch on LinkedIn to look into Smart Building and Smart Apartment Technologies.

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