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In this episode, we welcome Tina Larsson from The Folson Group to discuss how they are helping owners, operators, and developers of commercial real estate increase the value of their property with cost-saving and sustainable solutions. From cost-cutting to project management, their company has successfully saved buildings hundreds of thousands of dollars, including buildings with no maintenance increases for 7 years.


Tina also holds a LEED Green Associate designation and is on a mission to make NYC greener, more sustainable, and more affordable one building at a time.


Hear from the expert and learn how to cut costs on your property now!


[00:01 – 04:25] Opening Segment

  • How the company started
    • How they came up with the company name
    • Saving her co-op $340,000 in the first 3 years


 [04:26 – 16:35] How They Are Working With Co-Ops and Condominiums

  • Creating proprietary benchmarks for hundreds of buildings and finding outliers
  • Heating, water, and electricity usage, and insurance costs are areas to look into
  • Reviewing contracts of ongoing services of the buildings
  • The importance of engaging the board and getting them on the same page
  • Introducing technology solutions to buildings
  • Navigating the laws and regulations of different states
  • Discovery and data gathering process for onboarding a new building
    • Why they are doing slow rollouts of savings


[16:36 – 27:44] Into the Green Future

  • Local Law 097 and what NYC buildings are doing to meet the new energy standards
  • Parking space upgrades and making buildings EV-ready
    • Take advantage of rebates and incentives
  • Tina on her passion for conservation and sustainability


[27:45 –29:43] Closing Segment

Want to connect with Tina Larsson? You can find her and her work on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Visit their website: The Folson Group


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 Tweetable Quotes:


“I’m very passionate about conserving and not wasting. And it’s in general. I don’t only shop at second-hand shops, but it means that I just don’t like throwing things out.” – Tina Larsson


“I am passionate about helping New York City co-op and condo owners live in a building that’s greener more sustainable and more affordable.” – Tina Larsson


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