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Imagine walking through a home before it’s even built.


Here to talk about how they are making this possible are Daniyal M. Awan and Milica Gvozdenovic of 1to1 Plans, a floor plan design visualization startup.


1to1 Plans is a one-of-a-kind design lab that uses patent-pending technology to display full-scale building plans on a walkable digital floor with portable furniture and provides a virtual tour for the users. Co-founder and CEO Daniyal M. Awan discusses the company’s goal of enabling architects, builders, and developers to eliminate costly and time-consuming design mistakes as early as possible in the construction timeline. Milica Gvozdenovic, Business Development Executive, also joins us to share how they are instilling confidence in clients through their very realistic walkthrough experience.

[00:01 – 05:48] Opening Segment

  • Daniyal introduces 1to1 Plans and the amazing work they do
  • Milica talks about helping clients gain confidence in their future projects


 [05:49 – 19:17] Experiencing the Unbuilt

  • The step-by-step process to bring life to floor plans
  • What solutions are they offering to clients
  • Applications for renovations
  • Use cases for production home builders
  • Their outlook for the future of real estate technology and 1to1 Plans


[19:18 – 21:01] Closing Segment


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 Tweetable Quotes:

They can walk through every inch of the project, get a chance to fine-tune, and perfect everything off the design before they even break ground.” – Daniyal M. Awan 


“When we have custom home builders, you see how their clients get excited and so happy about their future home.” – Milica Gvozdenovic

“The way we’ve designed the overall process is we eliminated all the preconceived notions in the design world.” – Daniyal M. Awan 

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