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In this insightful episode of the Multifamily Collective (#Episode1580), join Mike Brewer as he delves into the transformative power of conflict within organizational settings. Discover how friction, when navigated properly, can forge more vital trust among team members. Mike explores creating a psychologically safe space for employees to express themselves authentically. This episode emphasizes mastering emotionally charged conversations, especially during critical moments. Such skills prevent logic from being overshadowed by emotions, ensuring productive and constructive discussions. Drawing on his experiences and learnings from his time at  @equityapartments  under the mentorship of Jonakan O'Steen ( and inspired by the  @CenterCreativeLeadership  ( Mike introduces the SBI (Situation, Behavior, Impact) framework. This practical approach helps frame difficult conversations. For example, chronic tardiness. He illustrates how to transform negative behaviors into positive outcomes. He presents a scenario where this model encourages punctuality, enhancing team support and service efficiency. The episode is not just about theories but practical applications. Mike encourages viewers to share their strategies for managing emotionally charged discussions. He stresses the necessity of teaching healthy conflict resolution within organizations to build trust. Join the Conversation: We're eager to hear your approaches and secrets for emotionally loaded conversations. Share your tactics and experiences in the comments below! Stay Connected: For more insights on leadership and team management in the multifamily industry, subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon for notifications on new episodes. #LeadershipDevelopment, #ConflictResolution, #TeamBuilding, #PsychologicalSafety, #EmotionalIntelligence, #MultifamilyLeadership, #SBIModel, #OrganizationalTrust, #MikeBrewer, #MultifamilyCollective

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