Leveraging AI in Centralizing and Automating Relationships with Renters
The Multifamily Innovation® ShowApril 25, 202400:45:0631.01 MB

Leveraging AI in Centralizing and Automating Relationships with Renters

In this episode of the Multifamily Innovation® Podcast, part of our Meet the Partner series, we explore the transformative impact of AI in the multifamily industry with Eugene Keplinger from LeaseHawk. With a robust background in engineering and product management, Eugene brings a rich perspective from his experiences at American Express and Invitation Homes.

Eugene and Patrick discuss the strategic use of AI to improve interactions between multifamily operators and their residents. Eugene provides insights into the importance of data in tailoring resident experiences and how LeaseHawk leverages vast amounts of call data to refine customer service strategies and drive resident satisfaction.

Eugene addresses the broader implications of AI in the industry, including the challenges of adopting new technologies and the potential for AI to revolutionize resident engagement. He emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to integrating AI, highlighting its capacity to enhance service delivery without replacing the human touch entirely.

The episode wraps up with Eugene reflecting on the future of AI in multifamily operations, focusing on the ongoing need for innovation and adaptation to meet evolving resident expectations. He underscores the significance of continuous learning and staying ahead in technology to maintain competitive advantage and improve the quality of resident interactions.

Eugene Keplinger's insights underline the critical role of AI in shaping the future of the multifamily industry, from streamlining operations to enhancing resident interactions. His forward-looking approach provides valuable lessons on leveraging technology to build more connected and responsive community environments.

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