Moving Beyond Revenue Management to Optimize Apartment Inventory
Multifamily Tech GurusJune 08, 2024
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Moving Beyond Revenue Management to Optimize Apartment Inventory

Join Kerry W. Kirby and Jimmy Lancaster, the masterminds behind the Multifamily Tech Gurus Podcast Series, as they deep dive into how artificial intelligence can be strategically aligned with marketing and unit inventory to stay in front of high vacancy rates.

In this episode, they delve into some of the controversies surrounding revenue management and explore how daily inventory analysis against on-notice units is a viable option to enhance revenue when coupled with an actionable marketing strategy. Their discussion touches on the nuances of balancing supply and demand in various market conditions to maximize occupancy, which, in their view, is the new frontier of optimization models.

Kerry and Jimmy’s Words of Wisdom: “Having a dynamic approach to analyzing daily unit inventory against multiple variables can significantly impact revenue, especially when it is aligned with highly integrated marketing efforts to ensure that potential renters are aware of available units and any promotional offers.”

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