Ep #970 - The Housing Market: Insider Tips from a Real Estate Agent

Ep #970 - The Housing Market: Insider Tips from a Real Estate Agent

Mark Hewitt, a Seattle native, excelled in collegiate baseball before transitioning into education as a teacher and coach, earning a master's degree in educational leadership from Stephen F. Austin University. In 2014, he began his full-time career in real estate as a Realtor, and by 2017, he launched his own investment company specializing in rentals, flipping, and wholesaling homes. With over 800 homes sold, Mark's expertise lies in ensuring clients' success. Additionally, he founded a hard money company and expanded his rental and creative financing portfolio to include 44 properties.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:



  • From Baseball to Real Estate 00:00

  • Flipping Houses and Cashing In 3:37

  • Powerful Advertising Tactics for Real Estate Success 5:39

  • Wholesaling vs. House Flipping 8:27

  • The Secret Weapon of Top Investors 19:51

  • Creative Financing Strategies You Need to Know 26:20

  • Snagging Foreclosed Properties 36:58

  • Must-Hear Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Investors 43:14 



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