Ep #967 - From School Teacher to Millionaire: Investor in 8,000 Doors

Ep #967 - From School Teacher to Millionaire: Investor in 8,000 Doors

Annie Dickerson is a seasoned real estate investing expert with over a decade of experience, and has been honored as the Real Estate Investor of the Year by the Motley Fool. She co-founded Goodegg Investments with Julie Lam, earning recognition as North America's Best Real Estate Syndication Company by Build Magazine. Their firm has managed over $1.4 billion in commercial real estate investments, benefiting countless investors nationwide. Renowned authors and hosts of the Life & Money Show podcast, Annie and Julie also created the acclaimed Real Estate Accelerator mentorship program, empowering individuals to raise private capital for their real estate ventures.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:


  • From Teaching 4th Graders to Real Estate Investing 00:00

  • Annie’s Diverse Career Path 6:44

  • The Life-Changing Call with Rod 13:39

  • Discovering the World of Syndications 18:23

  • Embracing a Passion for Real Estate Investing 26:27

  • The Power of Vulnerability in Your Journey 34:50

  • How Your "Why" Evolves Over Time 37:24

  • Understanding Mind Movies and Their Benefits 43:17



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