Ep #966 - MFRS - From Nursing to Real Estate Investing

Ep #966 - MFRS - From Nursing to Real Estate Investing

Roushel and Tarek Eid began their real estate investment journey in 2019, initially managing single-family rentals before expanding into fix-and-flip projects and short- to mid-term rentals. In 2022, after attending Rod Khlief's Multifamily Bootcamp and joining his Warrior group, they founded Eid Equity, a firm specializing in Multifamily Syndications with a value-add approach. Their mission is to democratize wealth-building in real estate for ordinary individuals and families. Additionally, Roushel launched The Cashflow Nurse, an educational platform for nurses and healthcare professionals, offering investment insights and early retirement planning through a weekly webcast featuring multifamily experts.

Here’s some of the topics we covered:


  • Nurse Turned Property Investor 00:00

  • Who Will Connect Most with Roushel's Investing Journey 6:27

  • Deep Dive into Roushel’s First Real Estate Deal 9:12

  • Key Tip to Start in Multifamily Investing 12:07

  • Further Insights into Roushel’s Initial Deal 14:13

  • How to Successfully Close Your First Deal 22:05

  • Defining Financial Freedom 26:49


If you’d like to apply to the warrior program and do deals with other rockstars in this business: Text crush to 72345 and we’ll be speaking soon.

For more about Rod and his real estate investing journey go to www.rodkhleif.com