Ep #964 - Expert Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Investors

Ep #964 - Expert Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Investors

Leti and Kenji are board-certified physicians, best-selling authors, podcast hosts, and real estate investing trailblazers with over 30 years of combined experience. They excel at simplifying complex investment concepts, offering actionable advice to their community of over 10,000 doctors and high-income earners through Semi-Retired MD. Their insights are particularly valuable in today’s fluctuating economy, making them ideal podcast guests to spark engaging and informative discussions.



Here’s some of the topics we covered:



  • Leti and Kenji's Real Estate Journey 00:00

  • Key Insights from Leti and Kenji’s Best-Selling Book 4:50

  • Harnessing the Power of Mindset 8:04

  • Advanced Mindset Techniques for Success 12:35

  • Expert Tips for Starting Out 19:22

  • Learning from Failure: Real Estate Lessons 27:37

  • Understanding the Six Human Needs 36:12


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