Ep #963 - MFRS - From Photocopies to Multifamily Properties

Ep #963 - MFRS - From Photocopies to Multifamily Properties

Laurent Meyer, with over 20 years of real estate development experience in France, has a proven track record of entrepreneurial success. At 23, he founded and franchised “Flashcopie” and “Global Reprographic Services,” growing it to seven centers and over €10 million in revenue before selling it in 2006. Concurrently, he established the real estate firm SCI DYLAN, acquiring and renovating properties, including a notable 20,000 sqft space in Marseilles. In 2005, Meyer founded DYNADEL, LLC in Miami, innovating a GPS rental business. He re-entered real estate in 2008, focusing on foreclosures and value-add properties. From 2015 to 2018, he developed office buildings and large multifamily properties. Laurent is married to Delphine and has three sons.


Here’s some of the topics we covered:


  • From Startups to Real Estate 00:00

  • Office Building Development 4:34

  • Transforming Properties for Investment 12:17

  • Renovating for Studio Apartments 13:36

  • Inside a Multifamily Real Estate Deal 15:38

  • In-Depth Analysis of Hotel Conversions 19:52

  • Essential Tips for First-Time Investors 24:33


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