Ep #961 - Investment Insights: Managing Over $300 Million in Assets

Ep #961 - Investment Insights: Managing Over $300 Million in Assets

Nick Stageberg is the CEO of Black Swan Real Estate and an entrepreneur at heart. Before entering the real estate world, Nick enjoyed a highly successful career in enterprise software. His first startup grew from securing $13 million in venture capital to a $100 million private equity sale over nine years. He then helped the Mayo Clinic establish a software development startup, eventually leading 13 engineering teams within three years. Meanwhile, Nick and his wife Elaine built a real estate portfolio that evolved into Black Swan Real Estate. By leveraging innovative tools and management techniques from his tech background, Nick has given Black Swan a significant edge over traditional firms in the industry.


Here’s some of the topics we covered:


  • Transitioning from a Career in Technology to Real Estate Investing 00:00

  • Turning Bad Experiences into Positive Outcomes 3:36

  • Insights from Warren Buffet on Investing in D Class Properties 10:25

  • Using Real Estate Profits to Give Back to the Community 14:01

  • Tips for Aspiring Investors Who Haven't Taken the Plunge 29:49

  • Finding a Mentor for Free 32:29

  • The Benefits of Real Estate Investing Despite Having a High-Paying W2 Job 37:42


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