How To Select The Right Partner To Invest In Real Estate

How To Select The Right Partner To Invest In Real Estate

Welcome to our latest video, featuring Gino Barbaro, one of the co-founders of Jake and Gino. In this informative how-to lesson, Gino discusses the essential steps to starting a business with a partner, with a special focus on selecting the right partner for your business. He shares personal stories, valuable insights, and practical advice on making values-based decisions to ensure a successful partnership.


Key Points:

  • The significance of understanding energy blocks and how they impact your decision-making.
  • The four parts of the energy box: Gremlin, Assumption, Interpretation, and Limiting Beliefs.
  • How personal values play a crucial role in selecting the right business partner.
  • The importance of aligning visions and goals with your partner for a successful partnership.
  • Practical advice on how to start small and build trust in partnerships.
  • The Beer Test: Why liking your partner is essential for a long-term relationship.
  • Gino's personal stories and lessons learned from past partnerships.



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