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Welcome back to the PropTech Today Podcast!  On the show with me today is Todd Thorpe. He is a well-respected Multifamily & technology veteran with over 30 years of industry experience.Todd joined DojoNetworks in early 2021 as Vice President of Sales with responsibility for developing and executing sales strategies that drive revenue for the company.

DojoNetworks is a leading provider of Wi-Fi solutions for multifamily, affordable housing, student housing and senior living complexes. For almost 20 years, he held various executive leadership positions with Charter Communications where he grew multifamily sales in the Midwest and Southeast markets by 30%.


Stay tuned until the end to learn more about Managed Wi-Fi and smart community design!


[00:01 – 05:30] Opening Segment 


  • I introduce our guest Todd Thorpe.
  • Todd talks about DojoNetworks company.
    • One of the nation’s fastest growing providers of property managed Wi-Fi.
    • It started in 1996 as an ISP provider.
    • Focus on multifamily for 20 years.
  • An overview of the managed Wi-Fi service.
    • The Wi-Fi service is offered as an amenity.
    • The whole model of delivering internet changes.
  • No need for a modem or router.
  • Residents can get access to the internet once they move in.
  • The company sends the credentials a week before.
  • Every single unit will have access to Wi-Fi.
  • Amenity fee or tech fee to the resident.
  • A revenue generator.
  • A cheaper service than with a phone provider or local cable company.


[05:31 – 16:07] Wi-Fi Networks for Multifamily Real Estate Portfolios


  • Todd’s insight about ProTech and Commercial Real Estate fears.
    • Tv service and solutions.
  • Traditional cable TV goes away in multifamily.
  • The advantages of having a Wi-Fi network nowadays.
  • Having access to Smart TV.
  • Subscribing to a lot of platforms: ESPN, Netflix, Hulu, Fox, etc.
  • IOT and Smart Technology
  • Todd talks about how the installation process works.
    • The difference of installation between new constructions and properties that already exist.
    • People are looking to implement technology in each unit to offer an overall package.
  • How tenants can stay connected to the network and stay secured as they move around the property.
    • Wi-Fi coverage throughout all the property.
    • Ruckus Partner.
  • Premier company for networking gear.
  • Installing a Wi-Fi system or network.
  • DPSK.
  • The importance of having access to the internet.
    • The Affordable Connections Program.
    • Funds to extend the fiber in remote locations.


[16:08 – 18:32] Closing Segment


  • Todd shares expectations of DojoNetworks company for 2022.
  • How to connect withTodd Thorpe.
    • Links below 
  • Final words 


 Tweetable Quotes:



  • “The owner is able to use that as a revenue generator, and they are also able to give the residents a better experience and a cheaper service than they would get if they just call a local cable company or phone provider” – Todd Thorpe
  • “Investors are making sure that their capital projects when they fund them, they’re implementing technology as well to get an overall package.” – Todd Thorpe
  • “Closing the digital divide of people who are in affordable housing or low income housing where they don’t have access to the internet. Quality internet or they don’t have access at all” – Todd Thorpe



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Want to connect with Todd Thorpe? You can find him on LinkedIn. You can also email him at  [email protected]. Make sure to check out DojoNetworks Website to have more information about this amazing company!


Let’s Connect! You can connect with me, Jeff Hoch on LinkedIn to look into Smart Building and Smart Apartment Technologies.


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