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On the program today, we have a special guest,  Joelle Grunblatt. Joelle is currently bringing her expertise to Ai-RGUS as the Chief Marketing Officer. She moved to Las Vegas in January 2019 and joined Ai-RGUS later that year as a co-founder.  As  an educator, and as a businessperson, it is Joelle’s mission to expand Ai-RGUS in the US and globally to make  it a standard in the security space. Her passion is in  developing innovative marketing strategies that raise product awareness to help organizations close sales.


Let’s dive into using artificial intelligence to improve video surveillance!


[00:01 – 03:19] Opening Segment 

  • Joelle introduces Ai-RGUS
    • Surveillance and video camera arena.
    • An AI (Artificial Intelligence) software developed for Duke University.
  • It’s been used since 2017.
  • Founded in 2019.


[03:20 – 11:06] Using Artificial Intelligence To Improve Video Surveillance


  • Joelle shares how AI is applied to video surveillance work.
    • Having repetitive tasks done by a computer instead of people.
    • Comparing images.
    • Ai-RGUS takes reference images from the cameras in the system.
    • The software sends an automated alert if something doesn’t work properly.
  •  How do you connect Ai-RGUS to existing camera systems?
    • It will not touch upon any other software that is already installed.
    • An IP connection to  the cameras, NVR, or BMS.
    • An IP address: internal or external.
    • Performing automatically checks.
  • Recorder, hard drives, video management software, etc.
  • Joelle’s outlook about the success of the product in the industry.
    • Multifamily, real estate properties, property management companies, and commercial properties.
    • People want to make sure you can rely on cameras.
  • Insurance purposes, safety, potential vandalism, etc.
  • Prevent footage missing.


[11:07 – 15:54] The Virtual Guarding Concept


  • The benefits of virtual guarding and AI products.
    • The work is done in a data center environment.
    • AI is performing repetitive and boring tasks for humans.
    • Saving a bunch of money.
  • Joelle explains how the Ai-ARGUS system works.
    • Short and long term plans.
    • The dashboard shows the current problems with the security system.
    • The software sends the alerts and solves certain issues directly from the dashboard.


[15:55 – 22:50] Closing Segment


  • Joelle’s insights about the ideal quantity of cameras and ideal customer.
    • A larger system.
    • Pursue camera accounts of 50, 100, 1000, etc.
  • The mark Ai-RGUS wants to make on the industry.
    • Set standards for security cameras.
    • Make sure you have the footage that you need
  • How to connect with Joelle and Ai-RGUS
    • Links below 
  • Final words 


 Tweetable Quotes:



  • “Ai-RGUS  will make sure  that you have the images that you need when you need them the most” ” – Joelle Grunblatt.
  • “[With AI] You have the piece of mind that the job is done well and employees are less stressed, and work is easy for them and you save a bunch of money” – Joelle Grunblatt.
  • “You place these [security] cameras for a reason, you want to make sure you have the footage that you need.” – Joelle Grunblatt.

Resources Mentioned: 

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