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Technology is transforming real estate transactions and one of the companies paving the way to the future of PropTech is Dottid.


Today, Kyle Waldrep, Founder and CEO of Dottid, and Senecca Miller, CTO and COO, discuss how workflow technology can help reduce the time it takes to complete a transaction, and improve transparency, accountability, and efficiency. They talk about the story and the work they do at Dottid, a commercial real estate (CRE) SAAS technology platform that provides a single location for brokers, landlords, and tenants to share information and work seamlessly throughout the leasing process.


Kyle founded Dottid soon after graduating from Southern Methodist University when he realized that the CRE leasing process was highly antiquated and mired in administrative tasks that could be easily solved with the right technology. In just three years, he has built a team of world-class software developers, technologists, and industry experts, all determined to develop the most effective way for the commercial real estate industry to conduct business. Dottid, a venture-backed startup, has raised almost $11MM from some of the most prominent leaders and advisors with unmatched CRE experience. In many ways, this team symbolizes the shift from the traditional CRE transactional model to the future of where the industry is headed.


Senecca is responsible for Dottid’s technology strategy and he also plays a key role in leading the comp security efforts by driving new initiatives. Additionally, he provides strategic oversight and program management for Dottid’s products and features. During his 20+ year career in technology, he has served in a variety of roles at multiple organizations. Throughout his tenure, he has focused on digital transformations and high availability of distributed systems.

[00:01 – 03:08] Opening Segment

  • Kyle reflects on the problem he saw in the space and eventually starting his company
  • Senecca shares his background in the technology industry and how he got into PropTech


 [03:09 – 08:47] Helping Real Estate Professionals Do What They Do Best

  • There are so many people and layers involved in one real estate transaction
    • Dottid is a platform we can use to streamline the workflow
  • With an automation product, we can save time and be more efficient in our roles
    • How brokers can use Dottid as a selling tool


 [08:48 – 18:17] Simplicity and Usability

  • Making it easier for the customers to adapt and use the platform through the Microsoft Team’s integration
  • How they Dottid is servicing different asset classes
  • What’s next for Dottid?
    • Branching to new regions
    • New ways of engagement
  • Knowing each customer’s persona and giving them what they want to see

[18:18 – 24:07] Closing Segment

  • What’s the mark Kyle and Senecca are looking to make in the PropTech space?


Reach out to Kyle and Senecca through Dottid’s website and LinkedIn page.


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 Tweetable Quotes:

“Let’s go understand the tech that’s already in the space, connect with it, integrate with it, keep our design simple  and make sure that our user is familiar with the whole scope of products.” – Kyle Waldrep


“One of the things we take great care of is really trying to understand the real estate use case in each shop. Every firm is different.”  – Kyle Waldrep


“We have the ability really to change how transactions are. From my standpoint, our job’s not complete until you can do every part of that transaction within Dottid.” – Seneca Miller

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