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Do you also believe that ESG is closely tied to property effectiveness?  Our guest, Logan Nagel is passionate about how new tactics and tools can boost workflow efficiency for brokers and investors. He will share his insights about tech strategy and investment as well as the role of ESG within real estate. He discloses meaningful and relevant standpoints in regards to PropTech and the remote work capabilities in the multifamily world. 

Logan is the Head of Research for Propmodo, the leading real estate tech, and trends publication, as well as an active real estate innovation advisor. He’s worked in multifamily investment and brokerage at J.P. Morgan, Cushman & Wakefield, and several smaller firms. Logan currently writes and focuses on different areas such as multifamily investment and development, CRE productivity, and ESG.

If you want o go deeper into PropTech and ESG, this episode is for you!

[00:01 – 03:05] Opening Segment 

  • Logan shares his background and work
    • Doing tax credit work
    • Being involved in real estate multifamily
    • Being passionate about the innovation behind real estate
    • Starting to work at Propmodo

[03:06 – 15:29] Separating The News From The Noise

  • Logan’s particular topic areas to write about
    • The equipment that enhances the tenant and building experience
    • The rise of hybrid work
  • Logan’s insights about building remote work capabilities
    • A new frontier of monetization
  • Having a clear commingling of tech and real estate expertise is key to supporting tech investment and strategy
  •  Real estate businesses are missing a trusted source of reviews

[15:30 – 25:00] 

  • Make sure that the platforms you choose to partner with are that data sharing
    • Have an open API solution
    • Include real estate and non-real estate tech tools
  • Logan’s perspective of ESG (Environmental, social, and governance)
    • There are over 600 ESG standards globally
    • The role of real estate in the environment
  • The mark Logan want to leave in the industry
    • Help younger real estate companies get more effective and innovative

[25:01 –26:30] Closing Segment

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  • “I’ve always been an entrepreneurial person. And I really respond well to things that enable faster growth.” – Logan Nagel
  • “One of the things that is really important to acknowledge is that the [environment] is closely tied to property effectiveness.” – Logan Nagel
  • “As a prop-tech commentator, if I could help companies that are the next generation of real estate leaders, and help them get a little bit more maybe prop-tech educated and effective, then I will be happy.” – Logan Nagel



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