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Every real estate owner knows that parking has a huge impact on the property. Here’s how you can increase revenue and resident satisfaction through smart parking management technology.


Avi Cohen is the Co-Founder of Parking Badge, a premier digital parking software company established in 2019. He sits down with us to talk about this exciting software solution that brings property owners added value each month and ensures that they are utilizing their assets properly. With the goal of providing software as a solution to all parking facilities from multifamily, commercial, real estate, and more, Avi and Parking Badge are on the rise to bring PropTech to everyone in the parking industry.

[00:01 – 04:21] Opening Segment

  • Avi talks about his background
  • Finding solutions for common parking lot problems


 [04:22 – 19:17] Upgrading to Digital Parking Management 

  • What does a parking lot run by Parking Badge look like
  • Avi breaks down where and how they are implementing this technology
  • Providing easy and specialized setup for parking management during events
  • Improving communication between property owners and property managers through a cleaner, faster, and more interactive system
  • What is a reserve parking setup?
  • How Parking Badge is accommodating EV 


 [15:29 – 21:55] Generating Residual Revenue with Zero Investments

  • Avi discusses the implementation process for clients
  • How parking management systems can increase occupancy and retention
  • The financial benefits to property owners


[21:56 – 24:02] Closing Segment


Reach out to Avi and Parking Badge through their website. Contact them at [email protected], [email protected], and 304-301-1351. 


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 Tweetable Quotes:

You see everything that you’re getting and everything that’s going in and out. Everything’s accounted for and not having to hire somebody is also a big deal.” – Avi Cohen


“This is not only going to get the parking lot under control and it’s going to make the parking lot a safer place, but this is a way to bring revenue into the property.” – Avi Cohen

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