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Almost everyone can relate to the frustration of lost or stolen packages. Joining us today to talk about how they are providing solutions for package problems is Jennifer Carter, National Partnership Manager of Fetch.


Fetch offers off-site package management and delivery straight to the resident’s door and allows them to control their delivery service from the comfort of their couch. Property managers can also focus on their core business instead of worrying about package delivery. Jennifer discusses her insights on what’s happening in the package delivery industry and why a Fetch-enabled property is a model for the future.


Over the past 13 years, Jennifer has gained valuable knowledge not only from the owner/operator side of the multifamily industry but has also sat on the vendor side in three different opportunities. She first started in the industry and worked on-site as a Traveling Property Manager assisting in increasing occupancy. She then gained an opportunity to add more industry knowledge during her 5-year tenure at Apartment Guide before she found herself back on the owner/operator side leading the Marketing department for two different management companies. She spent just shy of 4 years as a Director of Client Performance with SatisFacts focusing on client best practices to drive resident retention and then most recently she worked as the Director of Marketing for SmartRent, where her biggest contribution was taking part in taking the company public; developing public relations campaigns to inform and bring awareness to the marketplace while evolving the company’s brand.

[00:01 – 03:53] Opening Segment

  • Jennifer shares her 15 years of experience
  • Providing package management for multifamily operators  


 [03:54 – 12:41] Innovation in Package Deliveries

  • COVID has accelerated the growth of eCommerce
    • There’s a significant increase in the number of packages on a daily basis
  • With Fetch, operators can spend less time on package management and more on resident experience
  • Breaking down the Fetch experience step-by-step and how it can help customers depending on their needs
  • Less delivery drivers, less mileage, and less wear and tear on the parking lots


 [12:42 – 20:21] Scalable Package Solution for the Future

  • Lockers are not sustainable solutions, especially for larger properties
  • Fetch assumes liability for damaged or lost packages
  • What’s next for Fetch?
    • Assistance in making returns
    • New locations
  • Jennifer talks about her role in partnerships


[20:21 – 21:53] Closing Segment


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 Tweetable Quotes:

“On average, you’re typically seeing one on-site employee spending 35 hours a week just on managing packages… where they could be and should be honestly focusing on resident experience.” – Jennifer Carter


If it’s a small property, it (lockers) might be fine. When you’re looking at an average property of 250 units or more, it really makes sense to have an offsite package company that’s handling those packages.” – Jennifer Carter

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