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Intrusions on sites are a real issue. Even in the best or the most remote of areas, it’s still a problem. How do you then protect yourself and your business?


Shawn Scarlata is the founder and owner of Mobile Video Guard. He joins us today to share easy and effective solutions to increase security in your business location. He discusses the benefits of having a remote video surveillance system and why it’s a good investment for your premises and for your peace of mind.


Listen in and learn how a virtual guarding center can scale versus a physical guard in the field!


[01:09 – 05:15] Opening Segment


  • How the company started
    • A more cost-effective way to protect construction clients
  • Physical Guardian world
    • Frustrations with physical guards
    • Physical limitations of a physical guard


 [05:18 – 08:22] Multi-Purpose Use Of Having Cameras On-site


  • Dealing with a number of infiltrations, especially in the construction industry
    • Whether it be the best areas or the most remote of areas, there are still going to be intrusions
  • Other uses of having cameras in construction sites
    • Another mode of monitoring people in construction projects


[08:24 – 15:02] How The Surveillance Cameras Communicate With Our Clients


  • Monitoring what appears to be illicit behavior
    • How to handle it?
    • What happens from there?
  • How the camera communicates with our clients
  • The different kinds of cameras that can be utilized for different purposes



[15:17 –23:12] Closing Segment


Want to connect with Shawn Scarlata? You can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, and his Blog. Visit his website: Mobile Video Guard


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 Tweetable Quotes:


“We want to make security easy and effective so that, the project manager or supervisor… Security falls under their responsibility for that project, but they shouldn’t have to worry about that. It’s not their expertise, it’s not their specialty.” – Shawn Scarlata


“While there are applications that a physical guard is needed and is appropriate, there’s a lot of applications that use physical cards that I don’t think it’s the best option.” – Shawn Scarlata


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