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Hiring the best talent for your real estate business should not be a challenge. Rocket Station offers an affordable way to find world-class, real estate-trained, virtual teammates who can handle the day-to-day, freeing you to make an even bigger impact on your business. Director of Business Development Greg Brooks sits down with us to talk about all things outsourcing, how an offshore team can help reduce operational costs and maximize profits and work efficiency, and how the industry would benefit from building a global workforce.

[00:01 – 05:11] Opening Segment

  • Greg introduces Rocket Station and their unique startup story
    • The need for an outsourcing service  in the real estate industry


 [05:12 – 12:33] Leveraging Outsourcing at a High Level

  • The first thing to look at before outsourcing: operational inefficiencies
  • Rocket Station helps business owners find affordable back office team support
  • How they were able to hire and onboard offshore talent
    • Prioritizing the HR component, including vetting and training
    • Why the Philippines is an outsourcing destination
    • Collecting data points from the candidate before pairing them with a client
  • Busting myths about outsourcing
    • VAs can do more than just manage your calendar
    • There are a lot of office tasks that you can do virtually


 [12:34 – 20:48] The Importance of Business Systems and Processes

  • Having standardized systems and processes and clear job responsibilities and SOPs ensure successful outsourcing
  • The stabilization of back office functions can make an organization more resilient
    • How outsourcing can enable people to do their jobs better and improve retention
  • Outsourcing can take away mundane tasks from property managers and let them focus on resident experience


[20:47 – 25:09] Closing Segment

  • Greg on the future of the company: being the end-to-end service and technology provider for outsourcing

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 Tweetable Quotes:

“Being able to triage a lot of that, not lower level but very time-consuming, task-based work with offshore teams can just be a huge value source for a lot of our clients.” – Greg Brooks


“What we really feel like the number one question you have to ask, whether you’re looking to outsource or looking to leverage talent from across the US, is what are your systems and processes?” – Greg Brooks


“How do I scale a world-class tenant experience? I think like a lot of that is hiring great people on-site, but then also making sure you’re putting those people in a position where that can be their core focus.” – Greg Brooks


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