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PetScreening is the perfect solution for landlords and property managers who want to build a more pet passionate space. In this episode, PetScreening’s Director of Education & Outreach Victoria Cowart joins us to break down how they are helping housing providers to make empowered decisions when it comes to animal accommodation requests from their residents. Ultimately, the aim is to protect not only the business but the community as well.


Previously, Victoria was also a direct multi-family industry member with extensive experience providing management and oversight for multifamily housing communities, and HOAs. She has served the industry as President of both the local and state affiliates as well as having served as a Regional VP for Region VI for NAA. She is a management instructor and a proud graduate of both the NAAEI Advance Facilitator Training and the NAA Lyceum Program. She is passionate about education, simplification, and creating ease and understanding for industry members.


She is passionate about education, simplification, and creating ease and understanding for industry members. Victoria is a wife, mother, and a proud PetScreening pack member who also leads her own “pride” of three pound-kitties.


Listen in and know why pets are good for business!


[00:01 – 06:23] Opening Segment

  • How Victoria started with property management
  • Introduction to PetScreening
    • Serving the community on all things pets
    • Acquiring pet data
    • Helping properties earn more pet revenue
    • Mediating tough conversations
  • The impact of COVID on pet ownership
  • Controlling liability is the core


 [06:24 – 13:08] PetScreening For Pet Loving Communities

  • Moving from a pet friendly to pet responsible space
  • The screening process of PetScreening
  • Creating the household Pet Profile
  • Getting Digital passports for pets
    • Differentiating support pets from regular pets
    • Detecting disability frauds


[13:09 – 20:44] Managing Pet-Related Risks

  • How PertScreening helps in legal proceedings
    • Providing a database of pet profiles
  • The increase of requests for assistance animals
    • A report on the mental and emotional well-being of the community
  • Encountering a menagerie of pets
  • Using FIDO score is a move toward equity
  • Protection for the furry children too


[24:00 –24:48] Closing Segment

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 Tweetable Quotes:


“These renters who find that their community is truly pet passionate are far more loyal. They stay longer, they pay more, they move in faster.” – Victoria Cowart


“We want to move from pet friendly to pet passionate and pet responsible because 73% of the residents out there, whether they own pets or not, pet responsibility is an important component of where they live.” – Victoria Cowart

“With PetScreening, you can improve the pet responsibility level and make sure that your poodle has properly screened playmates.”  Victoria Cowart

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