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In this week’s episode, I’m really happy to have Bob Langlois. He is the founder and Chief Ideator of Water Control Management (WCM), and his main goal is to test new technology to provide solutions that help people reduce their water consumption and save their expenses. Bob also identifies the strengths of others in the #proptech space and explores how to support those strengths for the mutual benefit of new #proptech partners and the clients that rely upon WCM for ideas and execution.

Let’s dive in! 

[00:01 – 04:27] Opening Segment 

  • Bob shares his background
    • A professional services firm: Property tax recovery
    • Started looking for a different industry in 2015
    • Water Control Management
    • Navigating the P&L statement on the expense side 

[04:28 – 14:11] Introducing Water Control Management

  • Bob shares how the process of examining the property is
    • Identifying with a desktop audit where the outliers are
    • Looking the basic blocking and tackling flow rates
    • Getting a sense of overnight consumption
    • Using and algorithm and AI to develop an intelligent profile
  • How water monitoring and metering is done
    • LTE or cellular based technology
  • Don’t worry about WiFi in the building
  • Support remote installations
  • Most of water meters operate on a displacement basis
  • Bob shares what people can expect from the metering devices
    • Within 3 to 4 days the machine learning build a profile
    • Evaluate alerts and notifications: temperature alerts, humidity alerts, etc.
    • Provide some customization.
    • Know how much of your 24 hour consumption is from water loss or continuous flow
  • The effect of having one defective toilet, fill valve, faucet,etc.
    • An expense of $100 in a single day

[14:12 – 21:12] Diagnosing Water Leaks Through High Tech Enablement

  • The benefits for commercial properties and multifamily residential by doing status to check their consumption.
    • Reducing the percentage of loss
    • Getting costs down
  • Bob’s experiences where issues weren’t immediately apparent.
    • A student housing operation that had central cooling for the units.
    • A building that installed new filtration equipment for the water going to the cooling tower.

[21:13 –24:05] Closing Segment

  • How Bob does detailed reports on social media.
    • LinkedIn
  • How to connect with  Bob
    • Links below 
  • Final words 

 Tweetable Quotes:

  • “At the end of the day, what it comes down to is the human behavior element where as long as the fixture is working, it’s not going to get reported to be addressed or repaired.” – Bob Langlois
  • “And so what I’m really excited about is connecting other people in the community that can benefit from or have interest in that data. [Flood Sensors]” – Bob Langlois
  • “ And I thought, what if I explore water, see how technology can be applied to solve some problems that are currently elusive in terms of property managers and property owners getting their head around water issues and buildings.” – Bob Langlois

Resources Mentioned: 

Want to connect with Bob Langlois? You can find him on LinkedIn. You can also get in touch at or call 416-625-7801 

Check out  Water Control Management and make better decisions and take action to measure, manage and minimize consumption of water!

Let’s Connect! You can connect with me, Jeff Hoch on LinkedIn to look into Smart Building and Smart Apartment Technologies.

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