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Wealth-building shouldn’t be exclusive to the rich. This is why Levi Brackman and his team created a crowdfunding fractional real estate marketplace where everyday investors and real estate owners transact. Levi is the CEO and Founder of Invown and he’s here with us today to share what they are doing to make real estate investing easier and more accessible for all. 


Levi Brackman has been investing in real estate for 17 years. He is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, Ph.D. in the quantitative social sciences, former principal data scientist at Travelport, and executive at Priceline and BP. Levi holds a Master’s degree from University College London and three rabbinic ordinations.



[00:01 – 08:40] Opening Segment

  • Levi talks about this background and how he thought about the need for an efficient peer-to-peer marketplace
  • Realizing the inequity in the real estate space
  • Remembering his father and the lack of resources for wealth-building back then


 [08:41 – 14:25] Lowering the Barrier of Entry to Real Estate

  • Levi explains the two-sided marketplace
  • How the Crowdfunding Act changed the game
  • Opening up better investment opportunities to normal people and non-accredited investors through Invown
  • What’s the minimum amount to be able to participate in deals in the portal?
  • Aiming to become the platform for all asset classes of real estate


[14:26 – 20:50] Educating People About New Technologies

  • Jeff and Levi give their take on Crypto
  • The challenges of being regulated when it comes to getting the word out
  • The strategies they do to market and drive traffic to the website
  • Levi reflects on the importance of making the platform and the technology available to the “little guys” like his father


[20:51 –22:12] Closing Segment

Want to connect with Levi Brackman? Email him at [email protected] and visit if you want to start investing with as little as $500! 


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 Tweetable Quotes:

“There’s something wrong with a world that only the wealthy can really trade their money for money.” – Levi Brackman

“I want the little guy to participate in my deals because I want everyone to have the same opportunities. “ – Levi Brackman

“It’s a big lift to get people aware of what they can do and give them all the information to make an informed decision.” – Jeff Hoch

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