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How can we make sure that we are getting the best results from our marketing spend?


In this episode, we welcome Erina Malarkey, Co-founder of Remarkably. She is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the company’s cloud-based marketing business intelligence software. Remarkably makes it easier for marketers and multifamily operators to get data-driven insights and adjust their marketing strategies for better success. Erina also gives her perspective on the best marketing practices in the multifamily space and the ways we leverage data to accelerate business growth.


Bringing more than 15 years of multifamily real estate expertise to her role, Erina has forged deep relationships within the multifamily industry and is recognized for her commitment to shifting the status quo of multifamily marketing. Her ability to define and meet the needs of the nation’s top managers, owner/operators, investors, and developers with an intuitive and value-generating platform has been instrumental in Remarkably’s success. 

[00:01 – 02:57] Opening Segment

  • Erina on the first-ever multifamily marketing business intelligence solution
  • Marketing is essential in the multifamily space but we’re lacking the tools to optimize our marketing budgets


 [02:58 – 17:55] Transforming Data into Action

  • What is business intelligence?
  • How Remarkably simplifies data gathering and insighting
  • Differentiating earned channels and paid channels
  • There is no “one-size-fits-all” marketing
  • Understanding our goals for the property and knowing what levers to pull


 [17:56 – 19:17] Growth Hacking Through Technology

  • The potential application of the technology to other facets of real estate
  • Erina breaks down Remarkably’s customer base
  • The exciting things their team is currently working on


[24:42 – 26:17] Closing Segment


Want to connect with Erina? Email her at [email protected]. and follow her on LinkedIn. Learn more about Remarkably through their website.


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 Tweetable Quotes:

“What the heck can I actually learn from my data? What sort of steps should we take?” – Erina Malarkey

“More data, more problems, unless you’ve got a way to harness it. Business intelligence is a good way to do that.” – Erina Malarkey“The great irony is that, as an industry, we market at the property level.” – Erina Malarkey

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